Why the double standards?

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By "Double Standards" I'm reffering to situation with Windows and Linux.When Windows fails, or gets a BSOD, people laugh and make fun of Windows for being "a piece of crap", that magically 91% of the people use*

Microsoft is being made fun of for trying to push the limits of computing and introduce a new and modern approach to computing, with Windows 8. But when Canonical does it with Ubuntu (and their Unity) it's "OK".

When Linux fails, people ask you did you try installing latest drivers, did you try asking on the forums, did you install the right distribution, did you pray to Linus Torvalds before pressing the Power button, etc. Nobody wants to admit that Linux also fails.

It's even worse with Apple customers (or better to call them mindless drones). When they see Windows fail they are screaming how Windows is the worst and how Bill Gates needs to die finally.

Well you know what? Microsoft is the innovator. They're the radical ones, the misfits, the dreamers as Steve would say. They will be remembered as the ones who pushed the limits of computing. Not Apple for making shiny things, or Linux for making cheap servers possible and inventing a bunch of nerdy technologies that aren't selling because they're useless outside the server business.

So the next time you think of making fun of Microsoft, think of the time before the mouse. And the courage people needed to make it happen. Without those crazy fools we would still be typing commands.

* On desktop


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