I'm a 17 year old programmer and video enginneer. Ex-Popcorn developer. PHP, Nodejs, Web. Using Firefox and Windows 10 or Ubuntu*. Evil Inside (TM).

Using Windows 10 on an Android tablet

What an outrageous thing to say, even think about! WHO WOULD EVEN WANT TO DO SUCH A THING? Well, apparently, many people. So in this post I will explain to you how to use Windows 10 on an Android tablet. So come along for the ride!

Showcasing TorrentFlix – Stream any torrent in the browser!

TorrentFlix is a Node application, built with WebTorrent, Express, jQuery, FFmpeg, and some other technologies. It’s completely open source, licensed under the GNU Public License version 3.

Writing an IMEI to a Mediatek chipset Android phone

A simple guide to writing the IMEI of an Android phone with a Mediatek chipset, useful if you flash a ROM and destroy the NVRAM partition.

Torrent Streaming in depth

An analysis of torrent streaming, including a walkthrough of my own tutorial on the subject. How does it work, is it legal, how can you stream torrents, and should you?

Where do we draw the line between sadness and depression?

Are doctors being influenced by pharmaceutical companies to lower the diagnostic criteria for depression, and misdiagnosing grief as clinical depression? What is the difference between normal sadness and depression?

I need a job!

Due to a situation that has arose, I am in need of more funds than usual. Because of that, I am actively looking for a job.

The Encryption Debate

The Encryption Debate, as I'd call it, is one of the most important questions in our history. The question is, whether Apple should backdoor a terrorist's phone, and therefore allow FBI to brute-force the passcode and unlock the phone. Obviously, that would create a dangerous legal precedent for unlocking anyone's iPhone, Android, Windows phone, even a computer! This "master key" must not be created.

Torrent Streaming service with WebTorrent and Express

Torrent Streaming in the browser is all the rage these days, with apps like BrowserPopcorn, Joker, Instant.io, PopcornInYourBrowser.net, etc... In this article I'll show you how to make your own, with the power of NodeJS, Express and WebTorrent.