Recover files from Notepad++ Crash

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Today I was working on a website for a client and I was very productive, meaning I did a lot of things today. I've had some incidents with Notepad++ crashing before, so I often save. Every little change and I do CTRL + S before writing any more code.

Today it was different. I was writing code as usual, then I pressed CTLR + SHIFT + S. This shortcut saves all open files. At the exact moment, Notepad++ crashed. When I opened the folder where the files were, some of the files were full of NULL bytes (shown as NUL symbols in Notepad++).

After searching for Notepad++'s backup, I found that it stores the backups in %appdata%\Notepad++\backup. Press Windows + R and paste that location. You should see a backup of the file you were working on. Sometimes it might be the latest version, sometimes not, and if you're really unlucky, then there won't be any.

Thankfully I was lucky this time, as if I didn't find a backup, all my work would've been ruined, since once a file's been written over with an SSD, recovery is impossible. Nothing can save you. Be safe and have Dropbox sync that directory.

This post was last updated on August 21st, 2014.