Prestigio Multipad 7.0 Ultra+ PMP3670B

Prestigio Multipad 7.0 Ultra+ PMP3670B

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Recently I have bought this tablet for a ultra-cheap price of 130$. Yeah, really cheap. I've got the tablet in white with a Genius USB keyboard and a stand. The keyboard never worked and I send it back but I still haven't heard from the store (3 weeks have passed). I could've bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7", but I'm saving for a Lumia 720, so I choose the cheapest tablet on the market (Lumia 720 costs about 400$ on-contract with my current plan).

When I got it it was painfully slow. Full of Prestigio's crapware, lots of unused daemons, and it was overly crap. First I ran a bunch of exploits and found that motochopper worked perfectly, and it did root the device. Then I removed all of Prestigio's crapware, removed Gmail, Play Store, Chrome and other Google crapware, and installed GetJar App Store and ADW Launcher, since the default Google Launcher was rendered unusable after removing everything connected to Google from the OS.

After those steps, the tablet became much more responsive, it was fast and it didn't use a lot of ram. I replaced many of the system apps with newest versions, and installed Opera Mini to use as a browser since the tablet didn't cope too well with complex pages.

The tablet seems firm and doesn't have a cheap feeling. When I bought it it was very sticky from the protective plastic that had melted, but I had cleaned it. The major problem is that the screen is off-center for 0,5mm. Also the bevel is not uniformly thick on all sides.

The tablet has a crappy VGA camera in the corner, two screws on the bottom, a power button, a microSD slot which is poorly designed and has a stupid hole in it, a headphone jack and a volume rocker. The built in speaker is horrible and you can barely hear it.

The screen itself is fine, a low resolution of 800x600 does mean that the text is not crisp, and smaller text can't be read well, but it's fine for most uses. The screen is bright enough to be seen in sunlight but not in direct sunlight and only if the background of the screen is white.

The touchscreen is bad, it's inaccurate, and it can't detect two fingers if they're touching, Prestigio states that it does 5-finger detection but it barely manages 3 with points constantly jumping all over the screen. Another major problem is that during charging, the screen is pressing itself constantly so the tablet can't be used, and since it uses a microUSB port for charging it takes longer than 12 hours to fully charge.

The battery life isn't great either, it can barely handle 6 hours with moderate usage and Wi-Fi off, with Wi-Fi on it does about 3 hours.

It runs most of the games, some of them are choppy, but it does handle them pretty well.

I would not recommend this tablet for anything more than an e-reader and maybe a web-browsing device only if you use Opera Mini.


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