Magisk for Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Magisk for Xiaomi Redmi 8A

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To root your Xiaomi Redmia 8A device, you need to use Magisk. However, Magisk boot patching is not working right now, due to which you must download the appropriate prebuilt boot image and flash it to the device to obtain root. This works both on MIUI and GSI.

Download boot.img for Global - MIUI 10 (v10.3.3.0-PCPMIXM)

Download boot.img for Global - MIUI 11 (v11.0.1.0-PCPMIXM)

Download boot.img for Global - MIUI 11 (v11.0.4.0-PCPMIXM)

Download boot.img for India - MIUI 10 (v10.3.3.0-PCPINXM)

Download boot.img for India - MIUI 11 (v11.0.1.0-PCPINXM)

Download boot.img for (China) - MIUI 11 (v11.0.4-CN)

Download vbmeta.img - this is mandatory to prevent bootloop.

Verify the download checksum matches the one in the checksum file after downloading the file to ensure authenticity.

I do not provide any support for this boot image. You are flashing it at your own risk, and I am not responsible for any possible eventual damage to your device.

To flash a custom boot image you need to unlock your device, which takes 168 hours and is done with Mi Unlock. Unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty.

To flash the boot image, reboot into FASTBOOT mode, install the USB drivers and Android Platform Tools, and run the following command (in the folder where you downloaded the recovery):

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash --disable-verity vbmeta vbmeta.img

Then, reboot your phone, and it will be rooted with Magisk. If appropriate, install Magisk Manager apk.

GPL Notice: This work contains code published by Xiaomi and Qualcomm under the GPL v2.0 license, available here. This work is based upon the Magisk project licensed under GPL v3.0, available here.

To learn more about Magisk, visit the official Documentation.

This project is not sponsored, approved or endorsed by Xiaomi, Google, Qualcomm, or John Wu.

Kernel binary distribution NOTICE: In accordance with Section 3c of GPL v2, I am distributing the device kernel in binary form with a forwarded written notice of copyright and source code distribution from Xiaomi. The kernel is being distributed under the terms of the GPL v2 license by Xiaomi and the claimed source code is available here:

For GPL compliance in case of the precompiled redistributed kernel contact the manufacturer at their official website


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B R Watts

B R Watts

does not work. I get stuck into Recovery mode. did TWRP --> vbmeta --> boot.img > vbmeta
goes to recovery with Poweroff + Vol+ OR it will go in Fastboot mode Does NOT boot any more . WHat I did further : restored old boot.img from backup --> same . Restored original recovery --> stock recovery menu --> stuck in fastboot. Frustrated !!! I am using 11 MiUI ROM says Global but there is also PCPINXM in the end . Why does it not boot and stuck @ rec or FB mode ?

Reply · 1 year ago · #333

Milan Kragujevic

...replying to Airborne Bfp

Milan Kragujevic Admin


It has been published (the post is updated), please check and tell me if it works OK.


Reply · 1 year ago · #300

Airborne Bfp

...replying to Milan Kragujevic

Airborne Bfp

11.0.4 no work for me, result in bootloop =c

Reply · 1 year ago · #312

Zakir Shikhli

Zakir Shikhli

It worked!

Reply · 1 year ago · #270

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