Huawei Ascend Y210

Huawei Ascend Y210

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So a while back I bought Huawei Ascend Y210 to use as a replacement phone since my Lumia had died. This was the worst waste of money there is. But here goes the review...

The design

Huawei Ascend Y210 is a nice looking phone, but it's seriously too small to use since most people have fingers that are 1/3 of the size of the screen. Nonetheless, it is a nice phone, I like the style of it and the fact that it has this kind of a bump at the end of the glass covering the screen. It has a nice feel in the hand and doesn't want to slip out but I assure you it does. The screen is easily scratched and the camera lens too.

The quality

The quality seems good, and it actually might be good. The battery is cheap and bulky; the screen is one of the cheapest available but still its firm and doesn't give a feeling that it's going to break any second.

The specs

The Ascend Y210 has a 1750 mAh battery that's barely enough for a day of moderate usage; it has a horrendous 2MP camera, no flash and no auto-focus. It has Bluetooth 2.1, GPS and the screen is 3.5", 320×480. The quality of the screen is bad and it's not visible in sunlight. The touch sensor is nothing special, it's accurate enough and can do pinching gesture but nothing more than that. The CPU is one of the worst possible, it's 1 GHz but its performance is like a 600 MHz CPU. The RAM is 256 MB which is so little you can't run absolutely anything. It can't even run the Android Launcher and the Dialer app, so it takes a long time to open. The storage space is 512MB, but mine came with 8 MB free, which is useless and you can't install anything. It had Google Play Store, which is to be expected, but also Google Hangouts, Google+, Google Play Music, Google Play Magazines, Google Maps, Google Location, Google Play Movies, Google Play Books, Google Voice Search, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and the worst of all, Google Play Services (also a bunch of invisible Google Service)s. I rooted it and removed every single one of them. I then installed an older version of YouTube and Mobogenie as an app store.

This phone is useless, can't run any app properly, and has a weird version of Android Gingerbread that uses yaffs2 and has some weird chroot environment so you can barely install a recovery for it.


This phone is not worthy of being called a "smart phone". It does run Android, but the version is ancient, it's extremely slow, can't run most apps and games and the battery and camera are horrendous. If you want a cheap Android phone, I can't recommend Samsung Galaxy Young (GT-S6312) enough. It's the same price, has a nicer screen (but smaller), a nicer camera , 4GB of storage, 768MB RAM!!! and Android 4.1. It's not amazing by today's standards, but compared to Y210, it's incredible. Also I would recommend Nokia Lumia 520, it has a much bigger screen, it's running Windows Phone 8 which works great on little RAM, it has 5MP camera and the battery life is much better. Also has 8GB of storage.


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