How to easily export document from any program to .pdf

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Have you ever wanted to export a document to PDF, but the program you were using didn’t support it. Or maybe it did, but the options for exporting were to complex.

Bullzip PDF printer

PDF format is everywhere, and can be used on any device, and any operating system. But, most of the editing programs out there do not have “Export to .PDF” option. Or even if they, the dialog for exporting is overly complex and is confusing. There is a bunch of PDF printers, but most are crapware or adware or shareware. But the Bullzip PDF printer is one of the best. It’s small, lightweight and best of all free. It’s free for home users and business up to 10 people. So even if you have a small company you can still use Bullzip PDF printer.

How it works?

After you install Bullzip PDF printer, all you need to do to convert a document to .pdf is open the document you want to edit, go to Print and select Bullzip PDF printer.

This will start Bullzip PDF printer dialog which looks something like the picture below.


Here you can set the format of the export, and the location. Also you can add a watermark to the document by clicking on the Watermark tab.

Bullzip PDF printer supports following formats: bmp, eps, jpg, pcx, pdf, png, tiff, ps.


You can download Bullzip PDF printer from their official website, here.


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