Coffee spill on Lenovo laptop

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I have spilled coffee on a lot of laptops. Most survived, and I'll show you how you can save your Lenovo laptop from a coffee spill. Please note, this applies only to Lenovo Essentials series and Lenovo ThinkPads with an AccuType keyboard. Also your laptop must be water-proof for this to work.

First of all, unplug the power supply and flip the laptop upside down but don't close the screen and unplug the battery. Don't bother to shut it down properly. It should take you less than 2 seconds to unplug the battery to minimize damage.

After that, don't flip your laptop upside down to allow coffee to leak out. That is harmful for water-proof laptops since they have little water canals so the liquid can leak out. Leave the laptop so that the keyboard is facing up.

If you have a vacuum cleaner that can also suck water, run it at full power and place it on the laptop's keyboard. Let it suck out water. Don't use a hair dryer since it'll push coffee deeper into the laptop and away from the drain canals. If your vacuum cleaner can't suck water, place a towel on the keyboard and place the vacuum cleaner's hose on it. Don't put any pressure and after a few seconds move the hose. When the towel is wet, change it for another one and repeat.

Leave the laptop to dry overnight. If you spilled a whole cup, let it dry for a week. After it has dried, plug it in (but leave the battery out) and turn it on. If it doesn't turn on immediately unplug it. This means that the coffee has got to the motherboard and ruined it, or you haven't unplugged it immediately.

Check that all keyboard keys work. They should work, but they will be sticky. That's okay.

Remove the keyboard according to the guide for your laptop and take a big dish that can fit your keyboard and pour a little bit of isopropyl alcohol so it covers the keyboard but in the thinnest layer possible. Leave it like that for an hour. Then take the alcohol and "wash" the keyboard in it (spill a little bit on the keyboard then shake it off). You don't need to be afraid, the alcohol won't harm the keyboard and it'll evaporate much faster than water.

Leave the keyboard for two-four days (check after two days by placing a paper on a table and shaking the keyboard above it, if nothing comes out it's dry but leave it for another day).

Wipe the contacts on the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard and reconnect the keyboard. Turn on the laptop and test it. If it works, screw it in and you're ready to continue working/playing/watching Jennifer Lawrence's naked photos.


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