Apollo 11: 45 Years later

Apollo 11: 45 Years later

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Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

On this day, 45 years ago, three brave men were landing on the moon. Nobody had done it before and nobody knew what would happen. They could've crashed, the engine could've failed, and the command module could've exploded like on Apollo 13. But thankfully nothing like that happened.

That moment is the single most inspirational thing for me and for most of humanity. It will be remembered until the end of our species, as the day we all achieved a dream. Countless numbers of people have contributed towards the goal of stepping on the Moon. The Moon was always an inspiration to generations of people all over the world, and the Apollo missions were and still are an inspiration to many future astronauts who will be the first to step on other alien bodies, or return to our own beloved shining satellite.

Apollo 11 Astronauts were fearless and skilled, prepared and calm. Neil Armstrong was a modest man who didn't care about fame or money, Buzz Aldrin was at the time going through the suicide of his mother, but he executed every part of the mission perfectly. They were the ones who inspired future generations to do amazing things.

But it's amazing how complex the Apollo missions were, and the skill they required from the pilots is mind boggling. While today you have computers who can fly a rocket automatically and land on the moon automatically, back then astronauts had to calculate everything on paper and only use the flight computer for the most difficult tasks, since it was always over-worked. It's amazing that everything worked perfectly, and it's a testament to the great engineering of the NASA engineers.

Who knows, maybe decades in the future we will look at the moon with telescopes from a distant and alien world and remember where it all started.

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