Android and low-end devices

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In Serbia, people are starting to freak out about Android. The love it so much, even though they don't even know what it is. For example, my mom's friend asked me is Android any good, because her friend at work recommended it for her. Noting that she is a 48 year old woman, I said something like "Well, yes, but I don't recommend it for you as it's expensive and may be complicated" (not wanting to offend her, I didn't say that she's too old to get technology).

She bought the most low end Android device available in the market, a fake Samsung Galaxy S3. First I tought it was a real S3, so I said it's the best phone on the market.

After a week or so, she complained to me (because "I know techy stuff") that she can't send an SMS and that her phone is slow.

Okay, I tought, "How could an S3 be slow". I told her to come to my house, and then I realized she bought a fake phone. I said that she's got a fake phone, but she said that it's real. I didn't want to to start arguing with her, so I showed her how to send an SMS.

After a day she wanted me to show her how to send MMS, which I told her is impossible on that fake phone.

A few days later she called me to say that she sold her (fake) Android and got a Nokia Asha Touch-and-type. She insulted Android, said it's the worst phone ever (eve through Android is just an OS).

That goes to show that people in Serbia have no idea what is Android, they don't know how to use them, and they often get tricked into buying fake phones (she, fortunatelly, bought the fake one for a fake price, not the real S3 price). The problem is that the hype around Android is making many people switch and then when they don't like it they blame the OS.

Usually the problem is the phone itself.

I have a very low budget, so when I buy a phone, I'm usually looking to buy a touch screen feature phone, or a very old Android (phone with an old Android version).

I bougth Samsung Galaxy Y, as it was the cheapest phone with a touchscreen I found, and I hate it. It's too slow to run Android, I can't install anything on it because it makes it painfully slow, it takes a second just to unlock the screen, and there are no custom roms for it that work well.

Actually only a few ROMs, and even they are based on some ***XL1 firmware, so it's a ROM with Samsung crap removed and a theme added.

What I'm trying to say is that cheap phones are ruining Android experience and that people should buy feature phones with similar options like Android because they are faster, and people won't waste money and time on a slow phone, that they will eventually throw away or sell.


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