A pink bag of jelly

A pink bag of jelly

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Human brain and spinal cord

This is you. A pink bag of jelly. A fragile piece of amazing evolution. In here is everything you know, everything you ever did. Everything you've ever said. Every person you have ever met, every tree that you climbed on, every tear you have shed and every picture you have ever saw. Every word that left your mouth, every feeling you have ever felt.

This pink jelly is all you are. A passing group of molecules that happened to be arranged in a shape of a brain. You are insignificant, you are small.

And this is all of us, bags of jelly. So don't waste your time living a insignificant life. Because you will not be remembered. This bag of jelly is going to dissapear months after your heart stops beating and your lungs stop contracting. But, you can change this.

Do something. Something important. Something that you will be remembered by. And you, an insignificant bag of jelly will live forever. New generations will learn about you. They will remember you centuries after you've dissapeared.

You will live forever.

This post was last updated on July 20th, 2013.


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