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By using the “Milan Kragujević Blog” website available at (from hereon after referred to as “website”), AMP website (special version of the website optimized for smartphones using Google’s AMP technology; available at, you will be sharing some information with the owner of the website.

This information is collected purely for statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify you personally. Information that is collected: IP address, Browser User Agent, Referring URL, Display resolution. This information is stored for an extended period of time and may be shared with third parties. This information is collected to help make the website better, optimize it for as many devices as possible, and offer an all-round better user experience for everyone.

This website utilizes Google Analytics platform to collect information about visitors, and that information is shared with Google and other third parties, and may be used in targeting advertising by Google. For more information, please read Google’s Privacy Policy and Google’s Data practices for Analytics.

Additionally, IP addresses, user agent strings and accessed page URLs are stored in the web server logs for 6 months. By using this website you signify your acceptance of Google’s privacy policy and agree to your data being collected in such manner described before.

This websites utilizes Disqus comments platform (from hereon after “Disqus”) to provide users with the ability to comment on the website, see related posts and “like”/”recommend” the posts. Some of the data you post might be used to identify you and better target advertisement, as according to Disqus’ Privacy Policy. Disqus may also track your visited pages across the website and connect that information to visits to other websites, or aggregate the information into a “shadow profile”. By using this website you signify your acceptance of Disqus’ privacy policy and agree to your data being collected in such manner described before.

This website uses AddThis widgets to provide sharing buttons for social networks. Your visits to this website may be logged by the social networks (“Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Google ”) as well as AddThis. Please read the AddThis Privacy Policy, Twitter Privacy Policy, Facebook Privacy Policy and Google Privacy Policy.

This website utilizes anonymous cookies to track your behaviour on the website, mouse movement, mouse click information and outgoing links clicked, as well as referrer information and device information such as IP address, User Agent, Screen resolution, number of CPUs, fonts and plugins installed. This information is never shared with third parties, and will only be used for analyzing behaviour of visitors on this website and this website only. This information is anonymized and is never correlated with other information about you.

The website uses AdSense by Google. The use of advertisements is as according to Google’s AdSense Guidelines. By visiting the website, you agree to Google’s AdSense policy and AdChoices Policy, and signify your consent to being tracked in the manner described by Google’s Privacy Policy. For more information and opt-out please visit from the Digital Advertising Alliance.

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The creator reserves the right to change this policy without notifying the website’s users. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes. Continuing to use the website signifies agreement to the privacy policy.

If the creator receives a court order or is lawfully compelled to disclose information about you, they will comply with such orders.

If you wish data about you to be permanently deleted, please email the creator a written request and proof of identity at

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Last change: 24.09.2018.