I need a job!

Due to a situation that has arose, I am in need of more funds than usual. Because of that, I am actively looking for a job.

I am interested in both project gigs, and long term projects. Employment, freelancing, I do it all!

I am skilled in PHP, MySQL, Node.js, UI Design, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, and am able to quickly devise solutions to arising problems.

I am known for my Node.js streaming project, BrowserPopcorn, that was able to stream movies from torrents to 5000 people peak, with a budget of $100 for servers, due to intelligent management of resources and available TCP connections.

I have also worked on several personal transcoding projects in Node.js with FFmpeg (VP8+Vorbis, H.264+AAC) that could transcode remote videos in real time, merge a watermark image and a text subtitle track with the remote video and output a HTTP pseudo-stream capable of being played-back in any browser.

I am also selling the technology behind BrowserPopcorn for an affordable price. If you're interested, you can contact me anonymously via email, or via Skype if you wish to talk. I accept payment via WesternUnion, MoneyGram, PayPal and bank account transfer. I will provide more details on request.